Andreas van’Flora dei’Faiella, “Lord Attendant Keeper of Castle Amber”


Andreas looks the part of the perfect Amberite. He is a tall and of muscular stature with long golden blonde hair and striking green eyes that seem to depict a level of arrogance and judgment that could only have been born by noble lineage. His manner does not depict such an attitude however, going beyond a fault to be both courteous and chivalrous to anyone with which he has the pleasure to address, regardless of station. Andreas keeps his appearance in the current style of the courts, but invokes a manner of subtly into his dress so as to never draw undue attention to himself. He is seen by many to be a shining beacon of hope for the glory to be born of the fifth generation, and is perceived to be well within the favor of the court.


Lord Andreas is last remaining heir of the line of Flora, and has been the Attendant Keeper of the castle for the last decade. Although he is nearly always present in the castle proper, he is not seen often, regularly entwined with the duties required of his station.


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