Darcy van’Corwin dei’Deveril, “First Sentinel of Shadow”


Darcy is an imposing figure, displaying only average height but blessed with impossibly broad shoulders. His hair is thick and blonde, though is darker than his mothers and is often left unkempt, as if he was just returning from the field. Darcy has very little patience for the niceties of court, and although he is respectful when required, his serious demeanor causes him to come across too dour for the requirements of courtly etiquette. Darcy spends an equal amount of his time in and away from Castle Amber, managing most the affairs of the shadowatch locally, while personally leading his men into shadow whenever he feels his presence is required.


Lord Darcy rose early to First Sentinel through both his capability for the position and through the efforts of his mother. He has proven to be a strong leader of his men, handling the heavy burden that had been placed on his shoulders with a ferocity which is mirrored by those who serve under him. Many take solace in knowing that Amber’s borders are watched by one so devoted.


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