Eniste van’Gerard dei’Kobol, “Admiral of the Amber Navy”


Eniste is of average height and build, nearly always dressed in the colors and stature of his position. He has a genial personality and is a natural leader of men, making him a favorite in the Amber court. He has two wives, Ha’llah and Sa’vasci, both born of Riald, and has fathered three children. With the King’s permission, he has taken his residence within the lighthouse at Cabra, and can normally be found there or in the castle proper. Beyond this, Eniste is a devoted member of the Unicorn church, and can often be found within the cathedral of the true city, practicing his faith.


Eniste was born before the fall of shadow during the time of the fourth generation to Gerald, the Grand Admiral of Amber under King Alvandar, and Evelyn, a renowned sorceress of shadow. When the cataclysm occurred, Eniste and his entire line were separated from Amber for many years, claiming the life of his mother and causing an injury to his Father which has proven beyond the pattern’s ability to heal. Even with this tragedy however, Eniste’s return marks a great day in Amber history, as his time in shadow had led him to discover and secure an alliance with the kingdom of Riald, ushering them into the Golden Circle. Since that day, Einiste has carried the duty of his line on his shoulders, and his word has carried great weight within the halls of Amber.


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