Irina van’Eric dei’Thelshane, “Lady Chancellor of Kingdoms”


Irina has dark hair, deep blue eyes, and an effervescent personality that allows her to remain unflappable in the most stressful situations. Although she will wear dresses and formal garb for important occasions, she generally she eschews the fashion for women of the court in favor of clothes in which she can move. She most commonly can be found within the castle proper or the true city, remaining close to Amber most of the time, but also can be often located in the Forest of Arden, where she rides almost every day.


Irina was born of a liaison between King Savian and the Lady Doreen of Thelshane in the time before he and Alya were joined in marriage. Irina was brought to Amber upon her coming of age, and has remained close to her Amber heritage ever since. Irina has proven herself to be a supporter of her father, shown most notably in her accomplished position as the “Lady Chancellor of Kingdoms”.


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