King Savian

King Savian van’Eric, dei’Diega ‘Sovereign Ruler of Amber’


Line of Eric van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Red and Black
Coat of Arms: Crossed Sabres, Blades Down

Savian was born in the image of his ancestry, sporting the jet black hair and roguish features of Eric’s line. He has aged well, but his years have begun to take their toll upon him, belying his youth in the in the lines of maturity revealed in his features. Still, the King is long from the end of his rule, his wisdom and intelligence purely evident in the sharp blue gaze of his eyes. The King does not possess the imposing stature of past monarchs, lacking the girth of his ancestry, but he has a presence that commands the respect of his subjects.


King Savian is the last known noble remaining of the third generation, born of his father Alavander, and the renewal of Amber’s alliance with the golden circle kingdom of Diega. With the fall of shadow and the loss of his father and brother, Savian assumed rulership of the empire and guided the kingdom through the darkest times known in Amber’s history. Although his leadership has always been plagued with his father’s failure in bringing about the rending of shadow, Savian has restored much honor to his family name by guiding the kingdom through the worst of the troubles.

King Savian

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