Lady Laurel

Laurel van’Corwin dei’Faiella, of the Fourth Generation


Line of Corwin van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Silver and Black
Coat of Arms: Silver Rose on a Black Background

Laurel has served Amber since the time of Alvandar, before the fall of shadow. When the fall occurred, she was not one of those sent to carry out Alvandar’s bidding in shadow, and thus was one of the few who has been by King Savian’s side since the first day of his reign. Laurel is tall and graceful, with thick curly blonde hair which is worn down to her shoulders. Her mannerisms vary, being delightfully charming at one moment and displaying a biting wit at the next, but she is thought well of and seems to have the support of the King. She has one son, Darcy, born of a fleeting relationship with Baron Roderic of Deveril.


Lady Laurel

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