Lady Sasha

Sasha van’ Flora dei’Thelshane of the Fouth Generation


Line of Flora van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Green and Gray
Coat of Arms: Flower

Sasha is young, appearing only slightly older than those of the fifth generation. She has long brown hair and warm dark eyes which seem to put those around her at ease when in her presence. She is soft spoken and contemplative, though can get the attention of those around her through her emphatic pattern of speech. Although she is remembered to have been very lively in her youth, those who have seen her recently speak most of the profound sorrow that seems to encompass her for the loss of her husband.


Uldrick van’Flora, held the position of Attendant Keeper for King Alvandar and continued his duty in service to King Savian after the falling. Uldrick fell in battle some years after, but before meeting his end, he took a bride from within the Houses of Thelshane and fathered a daughter. Her name was Sasha, and she was the first child born to Amber since the fall of Shadow.

Sasha never held the position bound to her by lineage. She was married very young in accordance with the will of the King to a Bernard dei’Ashton, a prominent Lord of a House of Faiella, and was instrumental in ushering the kingdom back to its former status as one of the states of the Golden Circle. She served Amber faithfully in the time after, continuing her line through her son Andreas and being open in her support of the King until the loss of her husband to a shadow storm, nearly twenty years ago. Since that time, she has remained in Faiella mourning his loss, still attending the castle when bidden to do so by the King, but otherwise not involving herself in the affairs of court.

Lady Sasha

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