Lord Aric

Aric van’Benedict dei’Cymnea of the Fourth Generation


Line of Benedict van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Orange, Yellow, and Brown
Coat of Arms: Flower

Aric, fourth generation and eldest of the house of Benedict, survived the fall of shadow and held the position of Amber’s Esteemed Protector until sent on a mission for King Savian. Aric never returned, and is assumed to have failed in his quest, falling prey to the trials of his quest or the dangers of shadow.
Aric was known to be an imposing figure both in stature and in skill. Those who were of an age to remember him, recount his actions and abilities with reverence and respect, and his loss is widely felt across the kingdom. Portraits detailing Aric portray him with sandy hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin, representing the his Amber and Faiellan ancestry equally.


Lord Aric

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