Lord Ra’san

Lord Ra’san van’Llewela dei’Moins, ‘Heir to Rebma’


The burden of his responsibilities do not seem to weigh upon Ra’san, nearly always being in a cheerful mood and having an energetic nature. His hair is dark like his mother’s, but cut short in the manner of military fashion. Although he is not overly tall, he is well built and has a natural grace that forces those around him to take notice. Ra’san has courtier’s way about him, having an easy going nature and inborn affinity for the ways of courtly practice.


Lord Ra’san is the only son of Queen Denarra, and heir to the throne of Rebma. Although he is only a few years past his twenty-first naming day, Ra’san holds the position of the ‘High Sword’ of Rebma in command of its guard, having more responsibility than his age would normally indicate.

Lord Ra’san

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