Lord Telehaan

Telehaan van’Julian dei’Martise, “Protector of Arden”


Line of Julian van’Oberon
Royal Colors: White and Black
Coat of Arms: White Hawk on a Black Background

Telehan is tall and of olive skin, with brown hair, dark eyes, and a sharp dry wit. He has a striking appearance, but his comeliness is often hampered by his cynical nature and his tendency to brood during even the most festive events. Arden’s protector tends to prefer the solitude of the great forest, and does not dwell long within the palace when necessity brings him there.


Telehan is a shadow heir, and is the last known descendant of the line of Julian. Decades after the line was thought lost to the fall of shadow, Telehan presented himself before the king and proved his lineage. As he was of tainted blood, Telehan was not immediately granted the position in Arden that his ancestry would normally demand. It was only years later, after proving his loyalty to the realm, that the King entrusted him with such, and Telehan has upheld his duty as Arden’s Protector ever since.

Lord Telehaan

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