Matthew van’Random dei’Deveril of the Sixth Generation


Matthew is of average height with an athletic build and grey eyes which carry in them the mischief of youth. He is generally friendly and affable, but can lack patience and tact at times, displaying a bit of rebelliousness towards his station and standing in regard to his peers. Matthew is not a frequent inhabitant of the castle, spending most of his days engaging in reckless jaunts into the heart of shadow, but when near Amber can be found at his Father’s estates in Glenhidden, a small village just northwest of Castle Amber


Matthew is the last remaining heir of the line of Random, born of the marriage of his father, the late Martel van’ Random, and his mother, Abigail, a noble of the Golden Circle State of Deveril. Matthew is the youngest those of the blood next to the heir, and his mannerisms and personality match one that has not reached an age where he could or would wish to claim the hereditary duty his birthright grants him.


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