Owen van’Benedict dei’Silantheis of the Fourth Generation


Owen is a tall man with dark brown hair that is worn long. His dress is simple and functional, though perhaps a shade behind the current fashion, witha device portraying a wreath of yellow and orange flowers always evident somewhere on his person.. Owen has a ready wit that has a dark edge about it, and can be mocking at times, but often appears somewhat aloof when it comes to the issues of the realm. He does not spend much time in the castle proper, only appearing for events which require his royal personage, and can most often be found on his estates near the edge of Arden.


Like his elder brother, Owen served King Alvandar before the time of the falling and pledged his sword to King Savian in the years that followed. Owen’s service to the crown is not documented or celebrated in the same manner in which his brother’s was during this time, but he is looked upon as a loyal subject of the King and his name is respected none the less. With the loss of Aric, it was widely expected that Owen would assume his birthright by taking control of the Amber Guard, but this expectation never materialized, leading to rumors that Owen had lost the favor of the King.


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