Queen Alya

Queen Alya van’Eric, dei’Kashfa, ‘Queen of Amber’


Line of Eric van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Red and Black
Coat of Arms: Crossed Sabres, Blades Down

The years seem to have subdued the outspoken nature of the Queen, the strength of her devotion now demonstrated more in meditation rather than lecture. She has grown into a beautiful woman, but prefers a simple appearance, dressing and adorning herself in a manner which downplays her physical attributes. She is of a short, lithe stature with a dark complexion, and her long dark hair is usually worn up, wound tightly to the back of her head.


Kashfa was the first golden circle kingdom rediscovered after the fall of shadow. Upon making contact with the Amber’s ancient ally, King Savian married the youngest daughter of ruling Kashfan nobility, bringing a measure of strength to the kingdom and to his rule. Amber’s new Queen, Alya, was quiet in her youth, but grew more outspoken as the years past, the pious nature of her people reflected in the policy she set for the true city. The queen is known to spend a great deal of time in the palace chapel, where she is attended regularly by the High Priest of the Unicorn, and is always a strong presence when appearing at the King’s side.

Queen Alya

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