Queen Denarra

Queen Denarra van’Llewella dei’Moins, ‘High Lady of Rebma’


Denarra’s appearance is a mix of her Amber heritage and that of the nobility of the underwater kingdom. She is tall and lithe, and her movements are instilled with such grace so as to make her the envy of the realm. Her hair is very dark, almost blue in color, and her eyes are a piercing bright green, giving her a sharp gaze that could only be present in one who is used to having others follow her rule. Although Denarra can be rather imposing while in her own domain, when outside the confines of her kingdom, Denarra does not press her station on the other nobles of Amber, appearing simply as another one of the king’s subjects.


Queen Denarra is the rightful ruler of the sunken city Rebma, her title passed down by her ancestral association to Llewela of the first generation. Denarra is an infrequent guest in the Amber court, and is rarely seen in the palace beyond the traditional events of the realm.

Queen Denarra

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