Sir Alister Launt

Sir Alister Launt, ‘First Valiant’:


Sir Alister’s hair is black and straight, hanging just above his shoulders and against the current fashion of the court, and although he has a young face, the wisdom of his eyes occasionally belie his age. Sir Alister is not known for any exploits in field or tourney, and is believed to have been raised to his position simply by his long trusted service to Eric’s line.


The First Valiant to the King commands the King’s guard, seeing to his protection at all times. Sir Alister is nearly always seen at the King’s side, watching over him while he conducts his duty to the realm and commanding the Valiant to see to his needs and to the needs of the royal family. Sir Alister is of a quiet nature, his demeanor often seeming distracted and disinterested when attending his duty

Sir Alister Launt

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