Age, Station, and Strength of Claim

Right to the throne of Amber has been disputed greatly over past generations. From the time of the elders, the first children of Oberon, the great houses of Amber have fought, both politically and militarily, to rule over the True City. Although, somewhere in their lineage, every member of the royal line has some claim to the position, there strongest claims can be determined in a number of different ways.

The first and most prominent claim is possession of the throne itself. With the passing of a ruling monarch, the right of rulership passes to the eldest male in the royal family. If the king does not have a male heir, the right passes to the female side of the monarch’s family. An heir can also be specifically named by a monarch, denoting right to the throne and ignoring the normal rules for ascendance.

Beyond possession, those of the oldest generation have the greatest claim to rule in Amber. If generation is equal, the eldest line of nobility tracing back to the first born of Oberon, determines the strength of the claim. Strength of blood can also affect a noble’s place in line for the throne, the traces of shadow lineage in ancestry nearly removing one’s claim completely. Finally, possession of the throne can be taken through conquest and blood, completely changing the kingly line for future generations; a method shown to be an acceptable means of ascendance throughout Amber history.

A number of other, non-genealogical factors can determine a nobles strength of claim. A noble named traitor to the realm forever taints his or her line, future generations of the noble stripped of their claim, only being able to ascend to the throne through conquest. The Unicorn even named Random as the king of the first generation, giving some credence to ascendance by divine intervention.

Respect by the crown is often given by default to those with the closest tie to the throne and those of the oldest generation. Other can prove themselves through deeds, but, in Amber, those with the years to support their viewpoints tend to get the most attention and the most say before the king.

Age, Station, and Strength of Claim

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