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A few hundred feet from the base of the steps of Kolvier lies Faiella-Bionin, the enchanted stairway to the mirror kingdom of Rebma. A reflection of castle Amber and the true city, Rebma’s domain spans most of the ocean floor off of Amber’s coast and is home to an ancient people, forever linked to the underwater domain.

Little is known of Rebma’s exact beginnings. As a reflection of castle Amber and the true city, it is assumed that it was formed with the creation of the Pattern, but history indicates that its noble ties to Amber came through the joining of Oberon and Lady Moins, not through any hereditary right to the underwater kingdom. Due to this, the right of rulership in Rebma has always been decidedly separate from that of the Amber line, claims to the throne stemming from a connection to Rebma’s nobility rather than any particular link to Amber blood.

Currently, both noble lineages are represented in Rebma, as the kingdom is ruled by the line of Llewella, formed from both Rebman and Amber ancestry. Although the kingdom pays homage to the Amber monarch, the affairs of Rebma are kept separate from that of Amber, the everyday activities of the realm continuing quietly beneath the surface of the Amber coast.

Rebma is said to be a place of exceptional beauty and wonder, its castle adorned with great crystal mirrors both on the inside and the outside of its walls and its city filled with wonders gathered from the ocean’s greatest depths. The castle itself is said to be a near maze, twisted with playings of light reflected off of its mirrors and refracted through its waters. Although the noble’s of Amber are considered welcome in the underwater kingdom, the castle of Rebma is not a place they have any inherent right to, and any wanderings of the castle or use of the pattern that exist there are strictly forbidden without the express invitation of the ruling line.


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