Amber religion centers around the Unicorn, celebrating the inception of the true city and appearances of their deity throughout history. The most famous and most celebrated holy day occurs on midsummer’s eve, when the Unicorn first spoke to Dworkin after his exile from chaos. The holy day is a royal affair, celebrated with a fervor that wakes the true city in revelry. Celebrations for other holy days are also held, but they are smaller events, normally contained to church celebrations.

A great cathedral stands in the heart of the true city and has a large group of city’s populace as parishioners. Smaller churches have been formed in each of the golden circle states, the church extending the range of its message with each new Amber alliance.

The message of the church is much the same as any other religion. Using remnants preserved from the Book of the Unicorn, said to be written by Dworkin, the order speaks on the moral behavior of its flock and how to seek the Unicorn’s enlightenment. Although the Church of the Unicorn does not actually comment on the activity of Amber nobility, sermons are often mixed with parables condemning hedonism, the negligent siring of children, improper treatment of vassals, or many other common subjects as a subtle reminder of the teachings of Dworkin and Oberon and of duty to one’s subjects.

The Noble view on the Church of the Unicorn is divided. In some aspects, the church provides an excellent means of maintaining order in the true city and spreading the word of Amber across shadow. Still, others feel that the church is too forthright in their teachings, swaying some power over the populace away from the nobles. Piety also varies between the lines of nobility, some very serious in their worship of the Unicorn while others see it as but a symbol of Amber’s greatness. In either case, religion amongst the nobles tends to be a personal thing, only enforced on midsummer’s eve when the attendance of the entire court is required by the King.


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