Welcome to Amber

Castle falls

“The nine danced and the seven swayed,
Four innocents are broken

The world is cracked and shadows rise,
Lost history, unspoken

Blood is mingled, old and new,
Storms shall mark the passing

Ancient blood will claim its due
And I will go on laughing.”

(Notes scrawled in the margin of the book of the unicorn, thought to be in the hand of Dworkin)

You have been selected to play one of the elders of Amber in the campaign of the ‘Storms of Shadow’. This character packet will contain a great deal of information regarding the history, culture, politics, and distinguished personages that are common to those who walk Amber’s halls. Be sure to read through it carefully so that, when you decide to add your character the game, you will understand the place in the world that you have chosen for yourself. Amber can be a complicated place. Be sure you begin by putting yourself where you have the most fun in the campaign.

There are many differences between this game and any other roleplaying game you have played in. Amber is a mixture of both personal gain and interactions with others, but it is not necessarily based off of a ‘party system’ of play. You will have your fair share of time roleplaying with other members of the group, but, unlike other games, you will also have a considerable amount of one on one game time with the gm.

You will also have much more power to affect things in the world than in other games. In Amber, the characters you play have god like powers. The choices you make and the results of your actions can and will affect your personal interests, the interests of other characters, and the fate of the world. So, think ambitiously, think big, and don’t let the game pass you by.

For those of you who are veterans to the Amber genre, this will be a very different game from what have played in the past. The basic Amber rules have been rewritten so as to correct problems with the system as well as to add new facets to game play. The campaign setting has also been modified significantly, restricting the ability to buy or even access to certain powers, while manipulating the effectiveness of others.

Whether a veteran or novice player, I urge you to look over this new rules system carefully. As Amber is diceless, knowing how to use the system to build and play the character you want is critical to your enjoyment. Character creation is key. Once the game begins, if you know the capabilities of your character, there will be little to distract you from roleplay.

More importantly, take the time to learn the world and understand a bit about how things work before commiting your character to points. Without the use of dice, a great many of your characters observations and perceptions will depend on the kind of character he or she is. In addition, the deeper your background is, the better I will be able to understand what you are looking to get out of this game and tailor plots and events for your enjoyment.

Lastly, I can only bring so much to the game world. You are the ones that will truly personalize the game. Whether through your background or through gameplay, your interest in the game will fuel a great deal of fun for everyone. The more you develop your character and his or her attachments, the more influence you will have on the world as a whole.

I hope you will enjoy the world I’ve created out of the ashes of Zelazny’s Amber. I’m looking forward to see what your character brings into it. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Welcome to Amber

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