• Andreas


    Andreas van’Flora dei’Faiella, “Lord Attendant Keeper of Castle Amber”
  • Crown Prince Arian

    Crown Prince Arian

    Arian van’Eric, dei’Kashfa, ‘Heir to the Amber Throne’
  • Darcy


    Darcy van’Corwin dei’Deveril, “First Sentinel of Shadow”
  • Eniste


    Eniste van’Gerard dei’Kobol, “Admiral of the Amber Navy”
  • Holden Royce

    Holden Royce

    Exalted Holden Royce, ‘High Priest of the Unicorn’
  • Irina


    Irina van’Eric dei’Thelshane, “Lady Chancellor of Kingdoms”
  • Jonas Pall

    Jonas Pall

    Jonas Pall, ‘The Royal Purser’
  • King Savian

    King Savian

    King Savian van’Eric, dei’Diega ‘Sovereign Ruler of Amber’
  • Lady Laurel

    Lady Laurel

    Laurel van’Corwin dei’Faiella, of the Fourth Generation
  • Lady Miranda

    Lady Miranda

    Lady Miranda dei’Faiella, ‘High Inquisitor of the Crown’
  • Lady Sasha

    Lady Sasha

    Sasha van’ Flora dei’Thelshane of the Fouth Generation
  • Lady Tavina

    Lady Tavina

    Lady Tavina van'Fiona dei’Diega of the Fourth Generation
  • Lord Aric

    Lord Aric

    Aric van’Benedict dei’Cymnea of the Fourth Generation
  • Lord Brandon

    Lord Brandon

    Brandon val’Eric, dei’Faiella, ‘The King’s Ward’
  • Lord Ra’san

    Lord Ra’san

    Lord Ra’san van’Llewela dei’Moins, ‘Heir to Rebma’
  • Lord Telehaan

    Lord Telehaan

    Telehaan van’Julian dei’Martise, “Protector of Arden”
  • Matthew


    Matthew van’Random dei’Deveril of the Sixth Generation
  • Meredith Lorene

    Meredith Lorene

    Herald Meredith Lorene, ‘The King’s Voice’
  • Owen


    Owen van’Benedict dei’Silantheis of the Fourth Generation
  • Queen Alya

    Queen Alya

    Queen Alya van’Eric, dei’Kashfa, ‘Queen of Amber’
  • Queen Denarra

    Queen Denarra

    Queen Denarra van’Llewella dei’Moins, ‘High Lady of Rebma’
  • Sir Alister Launt

    Sir Alister Launt

    Sir Alister Launt, ‘First Valiant’:
  • Sir Andor

    Sir Andor

    Sir Andor, "Knight of the King's Favor"
  • Sir Gallus

    Sir Gallus

    Sir Gallus, "Knight of the King's Favor"
  • Sir Jakkon Wulls

    Sir Jakkon Wulls

    Sir Jakkon Wulls, “Lord Captain of the City Watch”:
  • Sir Shakir

    Sir Shakir

    Sir Shakir, "Knight of the King's Favor"
  • Sir Tanner Kel

    Sir Tanner Kel

    Sir Tanner Kel, “Lord Captain of the Amber Guard”: