Crown Prince Arian

Arian van’Eric, dei’Kashfa, ‘Heir to the Amber Throne’


Line of Eric van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Red and Black
Coat of Arms: Crossed Sabres, Blades Down

As the first born son of King Savian and Queen Alya, Arian is heir to the throne of Amber. He bears the resemblance of the King more so than the Queen, favoring the lighter skin and sharp features of his lineage. Arial is very young, having only reached his twelfth naming day. It is assumed by many that King Savian plans to continue in his position until Arian reaches his twenty-first year of age, when the right to rule the true city will be passed to the heir, and Arian will be coroneted as Amber’s new King.


Crown Prince Arian

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