Lord Brandon

Brandon val’Eric, dei’Faiella, ‘The King’s Ward’


Line of Eric van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Red and Black
Coat of Arms: Crossed Sabres, Blades Down

Brandon is the first born son of the King of Faiella, brought into the King Savian’s family as a sign of the Faiella’s allegiance upon its’ rediscovery. Brandon has called Amber his home for the last ten years, but is still young, only recently having passed the age of maturity.
Brandon is of a slim build with a light complexion and dark hair, displaying the common features of his heritage. He is tall and is generally soft spoken, displaying a manner which shows respect for those of Amber lineage, but also belies his noble upbringing. Brandon is close to his foster brother, Arian, who dotes upon him, and the King, but seems estranged from the Queen Mother.


Lord Brandon

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