Sir Gallus

Sir Gallus, "Knight of the King's Favor"


Gallus is a knight of noble lineage, born from the golden circle kingdom of Deveril. When the kingdom was first inducted as an ally to Amber, Gallus represented his realm in the games of war on the commemoration of the Unicorn’s battle with the Serpent, and was victorious over both his opponents in the joust and the grand melee. He returned and held his title as champion in the joust for the next two years before falling in the third to a young lord from Faiella.
To honor his accomplishments, Gallus was brought into the King’s service where he has remained ever since. Although Gallus no longer looks to prove himself in tests of martial prowess, he is a favorite at such events, often appearing at the King’s side. Gallus is still somewhat young, and is of a gallant and chivalrous nature. He adorns himself in the current style, wearing his brown hair long and his clothing in the fashion of the court, and seems to be most in his element when in the midst of courtly events.


Sir Gallus

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