The Line of Eric van'Oberon

Line of Eric van’Oberon
Royal Colors: Red and Black
Coat of Arms: Crossed Sabres, Blades Down

Duty of the Line, ‘Dynastical Monarch of the True City’:

Since the abdication of Random in the time of the second generation, the noble line of Eric has maintained sovereign rule over the true city. Generally passed to the eldest of Eric’s descendants, Amber’s monarch commands the fealty of the nobles of the line, and determines the course of the realm in both the decisions of its domestic and military policy. The subjects of the king have nothing that is not granted by Amber’s monarch, as the word of Amber’s ruler is infallible, above that of tradition, lineage, or even blood.

Nobles of the Line of Eric van’Oberon:

King Savian
Queen Alya
Crown Prince Arian
Lord Brandon

Knights Sworn to the Line of Eric van’Oberon:

Sir Andor
Sir Gallus
Sir Shakir

The Line of Eric van'Oberon

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